Induction VS. Gas Cooktop: Comparison

Induction cooktop VS. Gas Cooktop: Comparison

induction vs. gas cooktop

Induction vs. Gas cooktop

Are you looking to change your cooking methods? Are you interested in exploring new things and update to the new technology? Then you are at the right place as in this article we are going to compare the induction and the gas cooktop and find out the features of both induction ad gas cooktop

First let’s got the traditional method of cooking and discuss about the gas cooktop and then the induction one.

Gas Cooktop:

gas cooktop

The gas cooktop are easy to use and are one of the convenient way to use . Just switch on the gas and it is ready to use and turn it off and it will stop working. But now a days the gas price are increasing and it is jot easy to get the cylinder as such but to this the pipeline has also added a key benefit which takes all the worry about.


The Gas cooktop has following benefits that will let you choose it for the cooking:

  1. It is affordable and cheaper than the induction cooking.
  2. The cooking can be done at your own pace  means you can easily lower or higher the flame when needed.
  3. It can work without electricity so need to worry about the power failure.
  4. Traditional method of cooking so handy and convenient to use.
  5. Good for the frying process food as they require a variant in temperature.

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  1. The Gas cooktop emits the heat to the surrounding thus making the the surface as well as surrounding hot.
  2. Cleaning of the gas cooktop is not as easy the stain gets sticks to the surface and needed to be scrubbed in order to remove.
  3. The gas uses LPG which is prone to leakage and can be dangerous for health.
  4. The hot surface as well as the flames can be subjected to burn and accident while cooking.
  5. kids or toddlers can also hurt themselves with the hot surface of the cooktop. 

Induction Cooktop

Now here comes the induction cooktop which does not emit heat  to the surrounding but uses the electromagnetic  waves which is generated by the coil present in it. It cooks the food faster and thus prevent energy wastage and saves time.


These are some of the key benefits of the induction cooktop:

  1. The induction cooktop does not emit heat so it do not result in the heating up of surrounding and surface of the cooktop.
  2. It has some pre programmed menus which are easy to operate.
  3. The cooktop easy to clean as the surface is stain proof and cool so the stain does not stick to the surface.
  4. It runs on the electricity so a single induction can be easy to carried along while doing camping and outing.
  5. It is portable and can fits easily anywhere you want and can be stored when not in use.
  6. The surface of the cooktop remain cool so it is not a hazardous to kids as well as some inductions are programed for child lock for the extra safety for kids.
  7. There is no leakage related problems with the inductions.
  8. The cooktop comes in the elegant designs and a number of variant to choose from which goes with the modern kitchen.

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  1. The induction cooking is costlier as compared to the gas cooktop.
  2. It requires some technicalities to control the induction cooking or it can result in over cooking of the food.

Comparison table :Induction and Gas cooktop

 Induction CooktopGas Cooktop
1.Uses electromagnetic waves to generate heatUses LPG for burning of the burner and heat
2.Do not emit heat to the surroundingsMakes the cooktop surface as well as surrounding hot.
3.Cooks food faster at different temperature settingsBurner can be used at full or slow flame. Takes time to cook food.
4.Easy to clean as the surface is non stick y so no stains on the surface is left just wipe and clean.The marks are left which has to be cleaned thoroughly and the stains sticks as the surface is hot.
5.Need electricity for operation.Need an LPG connection for operation.
6.The surface is cool so no burnt or leakage problem.The surface is hot therefore can cause burn and prone to leak.
7.Easy to maintain.Need more maintenance
8.Pre programmed coking operation can be used.programmed according to yourself.


Every thing comes with some pros and cons but we should look for the positive side first as it will give the correct information about the product. We should also get into detail as some negative clause might  influence the life. So, before buying a product one must consider all the positive and negative points.

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