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Common Mixer grinder problems and solution

Similar to other electrical appliances, there is a chance that using a mixer grinder could cause you to experience a few minor problems. These problems can occasionally become aggravating.

Which refrigerant is used in the refrigerator?

A refrigerant is a fluid that is used in the refrigerator cycle to give a cooling effect inside the refrigerator. It changes from liquid to gas and back again in a phased manner in order to give the cooling. 

LG side by side refrigerator |review |2022

The LG is one of the best-selling refrigerator brands in India. Its refrigerator is good in performance as well as the price. The life expectancy of the LG refrigerator is also good. Here we will discuss the side-by-side refrigerator.

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5 Best side by side refrigerators in India: 2022

With the advancement in technology, the refrigerator has changed a lot. The side-by-side refrigerator is one of them which has many features. Smart technology and big space make it the top choice when we discuss refrigerator shopping. 

Different types of kitchen Chimney

In older days, no one install chimneys in their kitchen. As the cooking is mostly done in an open area. So, the heat and the smoke released directly get out without causing any harm to the health.

Best Double Door Refrigerator In India(2021)

The double door refrigerator means a frost-free refrigerator that has two doors. One chamber is for the freezer and the other is for freezing. The refrigerator has good space and cooling but it varies from product to product. 

Best Brass Utensils For Indian Kitchen(2021)

Brass utensils are one of the best utensils for cooking as well as for dining purposes. These utensils are used for a long time ago due to their prolonged health benefits as compared to other utensils such as steel/nonstick cookware.

Best chopping Board For Indian Kitchen

When it comes to the chopping board we have got a lot of material to choose from. But which one is the best that will last long and does not have harmful effects on health are some of the considerations to look at.

Best Water Purifier (RO) In India: Buying Guide And Review

Are you facing the problems like muddy water, salty taste, impurities, heavy water, and hard water in your house? Then do not drink such water directly from the tap. It is the contaminated water that has a very bad impact on health.

Best Induction Cooktop In India: 2021

With a new and changing environment, we also want to upgrade ourselves and add on new and innovative things in our day-to-day life. The induction cooktop is one of them. 

Best Pressure Cooker For Indian Kitchen

We all are well known and familiar with the pressure cooker. But if you think to buy the right pressure cooker for the kitchen it will be a great job as there are some popular brands as well as a lot of options available in the market. 

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