Mi Smart Band 6 Launches in India

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mi smart band 6

A big bang launch of the most awaited Mi smart Band 6 is starting on 30 August. The smart watch has the features that are most wanted and can be compared with the most of the branded smart watch.

The Highlighted features of the smart watch are:

Big Amoled screen:

 A screen size of 3.9 cm is a big one to display all things at one place. Big screen makes it visible fast and easy to read. In addition to these you can also add the background image of  you near and dear picture that soothes you.

Spo2 tracking: 

Get the full data related to the respiratory organ on the screen and makes sure you are fit and has no health issues. It keeps a track record of the oxygen saturation level as well.

Women health tracking: 

The band is useful for women too as it keeps the track of the all menstrual data and keeps you updated.

30 Modes of fitness: 

The band supports the 30 modes of fitness and keep the overall track record o0fthe full day activity. 19 quick reaction fitness and 6 high precision workouts. It detects automatically workouts such as cycling, treadmill, outdoor walk,  elliptical, rowing etc. and sleep monitoring: Keeps a record of the type of sleep you are going through plus also check the stress level.

Guide to breathe training:

A complete guidance to the breathe training is there to keep you relaxed and maintain the healthy life.

Magnetic charge:

Hassle free magnetic charging with 14 days battery life.


The Xioami has the PAI which gives you details of the fitness as per the physical features of the person using it such as age, gender, heart rate, etc.


colors: All four colors available are attractive and will go with the fashion and trend.


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