Online classes vs. offline classes| Pros and Cons

Online classes vs. offline classes| Pros and Cons

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The Pandemic of Covid- 19 has marked a remarkable change the pattern of learning all over the world. When the whole world was under lockdown the study for kids came as a challenge. This was accepted by the schools and the online classes has emerged as a boon to them. 

The online classes has helped the kids to continue their study and learn things from home itself. Though offline classes are considered to be the best option of study but the online classes also has some benefits which you cannot neglect. So let us understand the basic difference which defines pros and cons too.


online classes

Offline classes

Teaching mode

Digital with visualized presentations and videos in computer or laptop

Traditional with chalk and board teaching. No visualised presentation


virtual platform and internet

physical class and furniture


Can be done anywhere at anytime. No adherence of a strict timetable

Need a same place of teaching such as school, institute. With a fixed timetable 


short duration of time with some gap for refreshness

long duration. Need a particular 7 to 8 hrs. a day in school


Teacher and student communicate digitally 

Face to face interation. Good for interaction as teacher can easiy read the expression of students too.


Less concentration in studies as they look upon the surroundings and other in house to play for like sibling or toys. Easy manipulation of teacher too.

More concentration in class as all the students are there to study and teacher can see what they are doing easily.

Out put

Exams are also taken light as teacher cannot look all student at a time so leads to low learning capbility.

More learing is done as compared to online classes. More pay full attentrion in class.

Health issues

Long time sitting in front of screen such as laptop, desktop, moblie, tablet, ipad can create health issues related to headache, eyesight etc.

No such health issues. Children learn to live in community and ,ake friends together. Also explore nature and surrounding too.

Now let us discuss some of the main advantages and disadvantages of the online classes

Advantages of online classes

  1. The online classes as the term say uses the online platform for teaching through the various interactive methods which make teaching more interesting and easy fro students to learn.
  2. It does not follow a specific time table so you can easily access tot eh lecture whenever you want if you missed the class or your doubts are not clear.
  3. The platform also enhances the kids interface with technology and make them use of the different things  such as presentation, videos etc.  in a friendly way.
  4. New and innovative ideas are generated through the increased use of technology.
  5. It can be accessed form anywhere so need to bound at a place fro long hours.
  6. The cost incurred in online class are far less as compared  to the offline class.

Disadvantages of online classes

Apart form such all advantages the online class has some disadvantages too. The se are:

  1. Long time screen time can create health issues in students. It can lead to headache, eyesight weakness, back problem and anxiety too.
  2. It also increases the loneliness as there are no physical friends who can either chat or share feelings. so the students/ child growth is hampered.
  3. Sometimes kids can misuse the internet connection if not guided properly by some elder one. They can even indulge in some inappropriate activities too. So, it is very important to keep an eye on the student while they are doing online studies.
  4. Lack of concentration: If the online class is too long the kids use to loss the interest in the class and start ignoring the teacher instruction. They loss interest  which is not possible in offline classes.

How to make online classes effective one

Here are some tips that will let you to make the online classes more effective.

  1. keep the session short and interesting so that the student do not loose interest in studies.
  2. Encourage the participation of the students to enhance their communication skill.
  3. Try to keep the project related to the physical activities so that they can learn from nature too.
  4. Make sure that the  students are properly seated with the cameras on to have a check on students.
  5. Take regular feed back from parents.
  6. Incorporate doubts clearing session too to encourage students participation. 

Advantages of offline classes

  1. Physical class or face to face interaction of the teacher and student is done in offline class. Which is very important for the the development of the child.
  2. Student cannot ignore the teacher if present physically in the class. They also dot eh work independently which they would like to ignore during online class.
  3. As a human being the students learn to live in a community and respect everyone if got o physical schools where all are treated  same irrespective of caste and gender.
  4. Students also do some physical activity which is good for overall development and has high concentration resulting in good learning and effective performance.
  5. During offline class kids even learn good communication skill which is one of the difficult task during the online class as there is only one way communication most of the time.
  6. It helps in growing an independent child as students do their own work and also increases creativity.
  7. It makes the student disciplined as they have to follow dress code and code of conducts given by the school authorities.

Disadvantages of offline classes

  1. The cost incurred in offline classes is more as compared to the online classes.
  2. There is no recording of the class which sometimes are important for kids with low IQ and want repetition of the topics.

Tips for parents 

Some tips for parents to encourage and help students to get most from the online platform.

  1. make sure that the device students are using to be connected to your account to check the  activities child during online session.
  2. Always take a feedback from teacher on a regular basis about the performance of the child.
  3. Give a clam and peace envoirment at home for kids to study. Do not make useless noise during the session as it can distract the mind of the child.
  4. Keep the water bottle near by to avoid any disturbance.
  5. Make sure that you are using a proper device with proper internet speed to avoid any disruption during the class.


Every invention has its pros and cons but we should always try to use these things to benefit us and reduce the negative effects. The new normal after Covid has given us online class as the option for learning so we should wisely use this platform and makes sure that our kid learn through this platform and get their work done in time.

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