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Best Online learning classes in India

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Due to pandemic all things have gone online be it office, shopping, study, teaching, classes etc. This what we have benefited from the technology that even without stepping out we can learn easily at home. In India a lot of online learning platforms have emerged and helping the kids to learn regular courses even during such scenario.

Here we will discuss about the different online platforms which have emerged in India and helping our students to complete their studies in time.


The Byju’s is one of the most popular online learning platform which started its journey in 2011. Where as it launched it s app in 2015 with the learning platform from class 1 to 12. It also provide guidance to the students of the competitive exams such as CAT, UPSC, IIT-JEE, GRE, GMAT. It is one of the best platform for online learning as they have got the experienced teaching staff which are equipped with technology and had good interactive classes. They believe to make learning a fun activity  and increase kids interest in study.

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The Vedantu is also a learning platform for kids. It came into existence in 2012 where the main motive of the organization is to create  network of knowledge where student can directly interact with teacher and clear their doubt. It is running successfully all over the country where it is providing study help to kids from 3 years to the teen agers of 18 years. 

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The Cuemath is a learning platform for math. The maths is considered to be one of the toughest subjects as it needs clarity from the beginning. Here comes the Cuemath which deals with the mathematics from class 1 to 12. The interactive sessions by the Cuemath makes the learning easier and fun learning. Their techniques makes the mathematical concepts easy to understand and make it remember fro a long term. The cuemath also deals witht he codig classes.

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Udemy is a global platform of learning through online medium. The udemy offers courses at  a very basic fees and makes you learn different courses related to your skills and helps in improving the skills. It is one of the best platform for the youngsters as well as professional. It also lets you learn from the teachers across the globe. The udemy believes that the learning changes and makes things better for you. You just need to create a account and all is set. Now just search fort eh course you want and you are ready to binge the world with new skills and technologies.


The Toprr online learning platform started in 2013 for school going kids who want to learn some extra at their home. The kids can easily learn and study the concepts later also with the help of the videos provided b7 the APP. It is present across the country and the UI of the app is very easy to handle with eh parental control too. 

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