Pet Insurance | Pet Insurance Companies in India

Pet Insurance | Pet Insurance Companies in India

pet insurance

Pets such as dogs and cats are one of the most common companions in our household. They become part of the family with time. Like human, these also need pet insurance in order to secure their health and helps the owner in bearing the charges for the yearly maintenance too.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is just like our normal insurance plan where we deposit a certain amount of money on yearly basis for the long-term benefits.


If we see the maintenance of the pets there are a lot of things included such as routine vaccination, vet charges, accident, illness, food, grooming, etc. which incur a lot of cost to the owner. So, in order to cover this all the insurance companies such as Bajaj Allianz, National insurance company limited, policy Bazaar, digit insurance, etc.

Since there is a rise in the disposable income of Indian families the pet insurance market is being thriving too. The pets have also become an essential and important part of the family and tier health means a lot to the owner. That is why nowadays people are searching for the best pet insurance plans.

Let us discuss some of the insurance plans for the pets

Pet insurance companies

Bajaj Allianz

The Bajaj Allianz pet insurance is one of the good insurance ones must look for as it covers hospitalization, surgery, theft benefit as well as mortality. They also give you accident insurance as well as discounts on RIFD tagging. It is one of the best insurance you must opt for.

If you want a policy from the Bajaj Allianz your dog must be between 3 months to 4 years.

National Insurance

The national Insurance also provides dog insurance for your pet. They give a discount on the group insurance too. It is applicable to all types and breeds of dogs irrespective of gender. The basic cover includes 6% cover whereas you need to pay extra coverage.

digit insurance

The digit pet insurance is the most customizable and good insurance policy for your loving pet. They provide insurance for cats as well as dogs. The policy can cover grooming, medical, vaccination, and other illness too. The main motive of digit insurance is that it helps you in becoming financial security of your pet so that he did not suffer from any type of disease and live a happy life.

Oriental insurance

Oriental insurance is among the best pet insurance service provider. It gives you cover for round pet maintenance as it includes all the medical conditions such as diarrhea, vomiting, ear infection, etc. it also covers routine check-ups which might also include dental checkups. Maintaining the pet is a bit costly so always suggest getting your pet insured in time so that you get the best benefit out of it.

Pet insurance inclusions:

Most pet insurance covers the following points:

  1. routine check-up
  2. hospitalization
  3. surgery
  4. Accident
  5. Third-party liability
  6. Theft/ loss of a pet
  7. mortality
  8. Vaccination
  9. Illness

Pet insurance exclusion:

Some of the exclusions that you will find in the policy are:

  1. Willful or malicious injury
  2. injury due to negligence
  3. death due to rabies, viral diseases, etc.
  4. loss due to war, revolution, foreign hostility, etc.
  5. illness prior to taking the insurance policy.


Pets are beloved animals for an owner but taking care of them properly can sometimes become very expensive. So, we recommend you get your pet insured before it’s too late. Please read all the documents of the policy before prescribing one. 

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