Racold water heater reviews In India: 2021

Racold water heater reviews In India: 2021

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The Racold water heater is one of the most trusted and popular brand when it comes to water heater in India. It can be easily found in every hose hold. The Racold is serving us from around 17 years with it fully operational plant in Chakan. It is one of the largest manufacturing water heater plant in India. The Outstanding performance of the water and its elegant design make sit more popular. Moreover it has all types of water heater viz. instant, storage and solar so no need to go else where when Racold is serving you with the world class quality. 

Apart from the household appliances such as water heater it also provides institutional solar water heater and pumps. The operational effectiveness of the Racold appliances are good as they helps in saving electricity through the usage of the latest technologies .

In this article we will have a look about the different types of Racold water heater. Let’s start:

Instant water heater

racold instant water heater
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The instant water heater as the name suggest gives you the hot water instantly and you do not need to wait for water to get warm. The Racold  instant geyser has a capacity  of 1 to 6L which is enough for a bachelor or kitchen usage.

The key features of Racold water heater are:

Appealing Design:

The Italian design makes it more suitable for kitchen and bathroom to. It is neither too  small nor too big to fit. The perfect fitness makes it more impressive. It has also won several awards for it best designing of the appliances.

PUF Insulation:

The Density and thick PUF makes it more efficient and ensures the retention of the internal heat and temperature. Thus it results in low consumption of electricity. The SPHP coating in the water heater avoids the corrosion thus increasing the life of the geyser.

Safety features:

The auto cut features makes it more safe to use when the water is completely heated up. Moreover, it can also with stand  the high temperature and pressure. A malfunctioning safety valve is also present marking the international standard of safety. Thus, It has three levels of safety standard.

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Storage water heater/ Geyser

Racold storage water heater
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The storage water heater stores water in it after heating up. It takes time to get the water heated in but can be stored sometime before use, so it saves electricity. it varies from 10 l to 25 ltr. of capacity. The storage water heater are good for family Either big or small.

The key features of the Racold storage Geyser are:

Titanium Enameled Heating Element:

The water heaters have a titanium layering in the inner tank to protect it from the corrosion and rust. It also gives strength and increases the life of the tank. The layering is also capable to keep the water hot for a longer duration such that it brings the energy consumption down and saves the electricity expenditure. Moreover, the special anode does the water heating fast.

Smart working:

The Racold geysers works smartly as they does not allows the sudden mix of the hot and cold water thus keeping the water hot for a longer time and saves energy. That’s why it has been awarded several times and has earned a BEE rating of 5 stars fro energy conversion.

Safety features:

The water heater is capable to withstand a high pressure and temperature and also has  an auto cut. Thus the safety standards are equal to  match up with the international standard.

A warranty period of 2 to 7 years is granted  by the company on the heating element and the inner tank respectively.

Wi-fi enabled:

With the launch of the new technology in the home appliances the Racold has also launched the Wi fi enabled water heater to ease the control. It helps in regulating the water heater through the mobile app. Racold Omnis Wi fi water heater

Gas Geyser

Racold gas water heater
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The gas Geyser works on the household gas cylinder and are a energy conversion devices when you want to reduce the electricity bill. The gas geyser are also known to give instant heated water. These geysers have a low water storage capacity.

The key features of the Racold gas geysers are :

Double solenoid valve:

the geyser has double solenoid valve for advanced safety and as well as it also has the child lock for the protection too. So, it is not prove to accident.

Smart sensor:

The heater is ignited only when the tap water is started and shuts off when its is not in use. Thus it helps in saving the extra usage of the gas cylinder or LPG. 

Winter/summer mode: 

The heater  works on both viz. summer and winter season. so, use as per your requirement. As per the season you can control the hotness of water.

Solar water heater

With the advent of the technologies and demand of the new energy conversion devices the solar water heater has come up in to demand. The Racold solar geyser offers for both the domestic as well as commercial. the key features of the solar water heater are as follows.

AZ outer body

The Aluminium and zinc coated outer body is highly galvanized with good durability. It is thick coated and has a life time of 4 times of the steel sheet.Racold solar water heater

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