RoboTouch Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

Robotouch Zero gravity Massage chair review

Star Rating:    4.5/5 

Brand: Robo Touch

Color:  Black

Size:  185D x 75W x 78H Centimeters.

Material: Alloy Steel

Unique Feature: Roller massage for two pairs of papillae on the toe root and skin scraping massage for the arch and heel mastoid.

RoboTouch is a world-class, cutting-edge lifestyle brand from M/s Bhagyalaxmi Industries. The group is a mini conglomerate with diversified interests spanning the wider business spectrum. Bhagyalaxmi is serving the country for the last 37 years.

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Key Features of the RoboTouch Zero Gravity Massage Chair


The RoboTouch Zero gravity massage chair is equipped with a  heady combination of 28 airbags, 8 permanent magnets, and 1 air pump. The 2D auto-detect function facilitates therapeutic massage to specific points from the neck through the soles.

However, the chair has 3.5 inches TFT colorful remote control.

Shoulder Detection

The 2D technology of the massage chair can detect the correct posture of the shoulder and helps you in sitting in the perfect posture while massaging. This will help the user to get the maximum benefit of the massage.

Kneading & Flapping

The Kneading & Flapping massage are available in combination as well as in individual mode. The user can use this mode as per his requirements. It also offers shiatsu and knocking modes for great effect.

Auto Heating

The heating pad available in the back gives a hot massage to your back and lets it relieves the pain. This is an automatic mode so you do not bother to turn it on while using the massage chair.

massage chair


Roller Massage

Foot massagers

The massage chair is efficiently set up with powerful smart rollers. These rollers facilitate massage for two pairs of papillae on the toe root and skin-scraping massage for the arch and heel mastoid.

Hand Massagers

 The massage chair is powered by a set of vertically movable, four-wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands. The whole therapeutic experience is taken to the next level by the moving hands.

LED on Armrest

The armrest has a magnificent LED that enhances the look of the chair and increases visibility while using the massager.

Massage Type

 The massage offered by the chair includes shiatsu, kneading, flapping, knocking, kneading, flapping combo, etc.

Control of the chair

Though the chair is remote-controlled, it can also be adjusted manually. The 10 automatic modes in the massage chair are Dream mode, health recharging, vertical care, swing mode, full-body stretch, neck & shoulder, waist care, lady mode, worker mode, and cybrarian mode.

Warranty and Installation

A Year National on-site RoboTouch warranty. Moreover, a well-trained technician is assigned by the company for the demo and installation of the chair. He will make you aware of all the key features of the massage chair.


The Robotouch Fullbody Massage chair is one of the best massage chairs in India. If you want to feel relaxed after a long hectic day just buy this chair and keep relaxed once you return home. The chair is easy to use and occupies less space. It is a perfect user-friendly chair.