Sleep: Benefits and importance

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Sleep is important for everyone and the saying goes “healthy body, healthy mind”. A person who gets sound sleep is full of energy throughout the day and remains free from diseases related to lack of sleep.

Today’s generation is moving like a whirlpool where are getting addicted to the gadgets they do not let us sleep in time and get the body relaxed.

Benefits of sleep

But sleep is very important for the proper growth and well-being of the mind. Some of the important benefits of sleep are as follows:

It helps in reducing mental stress:

A person who gets a full night’s sleep is full of energy and does work with full attention which increases its productivity and hence the mental stress is reduced to a lot of extents.

Sleeping in time boost confidence

If a person sleeps in time, he will wake up early and will be able to complete all his work in time. This boosts up the confidence level and you can also use the spare time spent with kids or complete your hobby.

Good sleep is good for the heart

A sound sleep relaxes our heart and does exert pressure in the circulatory system. This helps in increasing the heart’s age and keeps you fit for a longer time.

Good sleep healthy mind

A person taking at least 6 to 8 hrs. of sleep makes his mind relaxed for such a period. During this period mind is completely at a resting position which helps the development of the neurons which keeps it fit for a longer time. It also helps in reducing the damage of the brain cells.

Improves immune system

A sound sleep boost up the immune level of the body. The protein as well the immune cels gets some rest and are able to fight back with full power in action. Moreover, if you fall ill a sound sleep will let you get well soon in addition to the medicine. Thus, sleep can also be known to cure diseases.

Improves exercise stamina

The lack of sleep makes a person lethargic and tired. He does not want to do work and remains to lie on the bed. Whereas a  person having a good night’s sleep is full of energy and performs yoga and exercise well.

Some important facts to get a better sleep

  1. keep the light minimum in the room so that you feel like it’s a good abience to sleep.
  2. Do not put gadgets nearby as they can distract sleep.
  3. Use black-out curtains to block the daylight if you want to take nap in the afternoon.
  4. Have dinner at least 2 to 3 hrs. before bed to have a good sleep.
  5. Drink a warm glass of milk it improves night sleep.
  6. Do not have too much fluid in the evening time as it can disrupt your sleep due to nature’s call.
  7. Have a light dinner as oily or heavy food can cause acidity or gastric while sleeping.
  8. Create a temperature not too cold nor too hot in the bedroom to sleep well.
  9. Use a clean bed, bedding, and good-quality mattress that provide comfort while sleeping. 
  10. Include some exercise, yoga, walking, or any kind of physical workout to get a good night’s sleep.

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Importance of sleep

Sleep is important for all Age groups. Now let us see what age group needs what kind of sleep.

Newborns need sleep of around 16 to 20 hrs. for growth and development. It includes nap time as well as night sleep. It reduces to 12 to 14 hrs. till they reach the age of 3 to 4 years.

Teens and adults need  6 to 8 hrs. of good sleep to keep their minds and bodies fit. It is good for maintaining a healthy body. It is important for students to get an adequate amount of sleep to perform well in studies and other activities.

Seniors need sleep to remain healthy but they get interrupted sleep due to underlying age-related health issues. So, it is advised to take a nap in the day for older people.

Bottom line: sleep is a very important part of our life. Sleep deprivation can be a cause of many diseases. So, it is always recommended to take at least 6 hrs. of deep sleep to have a healthy life. Stay healthy and stay safe.

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