Smart watch vs. Smart Band: which one should choose?

smart watch vs. smart band

With the change in technology and new gadgets, it has created a lot of confusion to select the one. This is the case with the smartwatch and smart band. Both have the same wearable place but they have certain different features which let the user choose one.

The choice between the smartwatch and the smart band is tough but after reading this article you will be able to make a decision to choose the right one for you.

Different features of smartwatch vs. smart band


Though both of them are wearable on the wrist they can be worn on different occasions. The smartwatch has the attractive look, it has a large screen display and detachable straps so it can be easily worn on different occasions and with different costumes. But the smart band has a black rubber band which is suitable mostly for exercise or gym-going purposes. It does not suit if you wear it for a party or a meeting.




The second most important thing is the price of the smart band is much cheaper than the smartwatch. If you are under a budget constraint and would like to have a smart fitness solution then go for the fitness band rather than the smartwatch. MI Smart Band. No. 1 selling brand in India.


Battery life:

The battery is considered to be a prominent feature. The smartwatch has a large-screen display and has many features such as music control, call answers, phone notifications, health monitoring, etc. so it needs a lot of battery to operate whereas the smart band has only medical or health-related features so they need a less battery. Hence we can conclude that the smartwatch has low battery life as compared to the smart band. You need to charge it on alternate days whereas the smart band needs to be charged after a week. Fast Track Fitness Tracker Bestselling for health management.


The smartwatches and smart bands need to be worn all day long even during sleep time. The smartwatch is big in size and has a large screen which is not comfortable to wear all day long and can also interrupt sleep whereas the smart band is small in size and easy to wear all through the day and night.

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The smartwatch has multiple uses it depicts the time as well as controls most of the phone functions so you need not use the mobile all time as you can control it through your watch moreover it can s be connected to the earphone to listen to the music easily. Whereas the smart band can only be used to track the fitness record such as steps, heart health, spo2, etc.


The Smartwatch and Smart band both have their pros and cons whichever you go for we suggest you just read the above details and get the best as per your need and requirement. If you are a fitness freak and not a party goer then opting for the smart band is the best option Mi Smart Band. Whereas if you are a social person and need to go for the outgoings then go for the smartwatch as if goes with your personality Noise Color fit Pro Go with a style.