Ten essentials for every kitchen

Ten essentials for every kitchen


Are you worried about what are the basic requirements for your kitchen? Here you will find all the solutions to your problem. We are providing you a list of essential things a kitchen must-have.

Food processor/mixer grinder:

food processor

If you love to do the cooking and do experiments very frequently then you should go for the food processor rather than the mixer grinder. Though the food processor comes with a lot of attachments it is very friendly to use. It makes your work easy and hassle-free. It helps in kneading, chopping, grinding, crushing, mixing, juicing, grating, etc.

Some of the most famous brands of the food processor are: Phillips, Usha, Bajaj, Morphy richards, Inalsa

Rock Tawa:

cast iron tawa

It is also most of the important thing as in India we use chapatti is our main food. So it is used on a daily basis. The Tawa though is not so much easy to clean as the non-stick cookware but it is has a wide variety of health benefited than the non-stick one.

Water purifier: 

Pure water is a must for healthy living we must take care of the following thing while selecting the water purifier. The electric or nonelectric, copper or UV filter, cartridge, water capacity, etc.

Steel utensils:

essentials for kitchen

Steel utensils are best to use in day to day life as they are long-lasting, easy to clean, and are less hazardous to health. The various utensils are a steel cooker, rice steel cooker, idly stand, and wok, dine set, etc.

Storage containers:

kitchen container

One cannot think about a kitchen without a storage container. There is a variety of storage containers according to the usage. They can be large used to store grocery items include pulses, rice, poha, flour, rice, etc. medium for storage of suji, poha, besan, etc., and small for spices.


kitchen chimney

To keep your kitchen clean and tidy a chimney is a must to have. The purchase of a chimney depends on the height of the gas stove, usage, budget, etc. check various types of the chimney by click here

Kitchen faucet:

kitchen faucet

It seems to be small but is the most important part of every kitchen. The height, distance, and water usage are the most important things to consider before buying a kitchen faucet. It should be a sprayer one which helps us to reduce the water pressure. Kholer is the best company which make kitchen faucet.

Dinner set:

dinner set

A  dish is most liked if it is presented well. A well designed and good quality dinner set plays an important part in our presentation. There are a variety of materials for kitchen sets such as glass, melamine, steel. According to durability steel and melamine are best if we go for presentation glass is considered.

Microwave oven:

samsung microwave

 Oven is also very important as they can be used to grill, bake, roast as well as to cook easily and quickly. The different types of microwaves are solo, grill, and convection. Solo is basically used for cooking and reheating. The grill is used for grill meat veggies besides reheating. The convention is used for baking, grilling besides reheating.

Induction cooktop

induction cooktop

Induction cooktop is also crucial now a day as they reduce the time of cooking and we can use them without a cylinder whose procurement is also a headache in today’s time.