The Most Essential Things For A Newborn

The Most Essential Things For A Newborn


A newborn baby is a little bundle of joy for a family. There are many responsibilities associated with a baby. Thus we have to face many challenges while taking care of the baby. A lot of things are required with them at home as well as when you go out. Here is the list of things that you need with your newborn.


feeding essentials

If you are breastfeeding your baby you might need the following things at home as well as when traveling out with the baby

  1. Nursing pillow
  2. Breastfeeding cover
  3. Napkins
  4. Extra pair of clothes
  5. Breast pad
  6. Lotion for sore nipples

If you are using formula milk for your baby you will need these things handy in home as well as while travelling:

  1. Nursing pillow
  2. Formula milk
  3. Thermo flask
  4. Bibs
  5. Bottles and nipples( use sterilized bottle )
  6. Extra pair of  clothes

Note:  always check the expiry of the pack before using the formula milk for the baby and always make sure that baby burps after having the feed. For easy burping hold baby upright with head placing the shoulder.

Diaperingmother care baby products


  Diapering is the next important thing a newborn needs. A baby poops and pees a lot of times in a day.  So we need a lot of diaper in a day in order to maintain hygiene. While changing a diaper or a nappy one need the following things:

  1. Fresh diaper/ nappy( keep at least a dozen together to avoid any
  2. Clean pant
  3. Paper ( to discard the soiled diaper)
  4. Bucket ( to keep the washable soiled diaper)
  5. Cream to prevent rashes
  6. Towel/ cotton cloth/ baby wipes

Note : always make sure baby is dry before using the diaper as it may cause the rashes and itching due to moisture.


new born clothes

A newborn baby needs a lot of clothes to be changed in a day. The baby’s clothes must be soft, airy, and free from moisture. A new born baby might need the following clothes

  1. Onesies around a dozen
  2. Nappies around a dozen
  3. Cotton t-shirts
  4. Mittens
  5. Socks
  6. Baby wrapping cloth
  7. Bibs
  8. Jackets and sweaters(in winters)

Note:  All baby clothes must be clean and dry before use


bathing essentails

There are a lot of things required for a baby bath. These things are to be kept handy before taking baby to baby. A baby must be properly massaged before the bath to have proper growth. A list of items that are required for a baby bath time is

  1. Bathtub
  2. Lukewarm water
  3. Body wash
  4. Towel
  5. Baby lotion
  6. Baby powder
  7. Clothes to wear
  8. Baby wrapping

Note: Make sure that the baby tummy is full before the bath to ensure a good nap time after bath.

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