Top 10 laptop brands in India : Buying guide and review

Top 10 laptop brands in India : Buying guide and review

Are you buying a laptop?  then you must search for the best laptop brands as it will help you to select the laptop which suits you the best and fulfill all the requirements.

In this article we will have an overview of the top 100 laptop brands in India and their prominent features. Moreover, we will also discuss about the main features of the laptop you should look for in the later section.

List of the top 10 laptop brands in India

  1. Dell
  2. Apple
  3. Viao
  4. HP
  5. Asus
  6. Samsung
  7. LG
  8. Acer
  9. MI
  10. Iball


dell laptop
The Dell laptops are one of the finest ones and are made for every segment. It is best suited for personal as well as the professional level of work. The hard-core Intel processor makes them outstanding. The after-sales services are also very good and can be found easily in most of the cities. You can easily locate the one near you by visiting the dell website.

Some of the famous Dell laptops are:

Dell Inspiron

Dell Latitude

Dell Vastro

The dell Inspiron is good for personal use whereas the dell latitude and Castro are good for business or professional use.

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Apple laptops
Apple is no doubt the world-class in manufacturing computer-related products as well as the iPhones. But these are priced on the higher side and are not affordable to everybody. The Apple laptops have good performance be it for professional or personal use. The MAc air book is one of the most selling and thin laptops in this brand as it features a lightweight and slim range that is easy to carry and use. They are user-friendly. The service of the laptop if needed can be easily done through the authorized centre. But sure to remember the Apple ID and password to get it done hassle-free.

The Apple mac air book is the most selling Laptop

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vaio laptop

The Vaio laptops are introduced by Japanese company SONY in 1996. But now it is an independent brand. The Vaio laptops are good for personal use but cannot perform well if used for the business. The Vaio service centre can be easily located by searching online and the problem can be solved within 7 days of the complaint. But the main problem with these laptops is they have short battery life and life span too.

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HP laptop

If you are looking for a budgeted laptop that suits the family as well as the business then the Hp is a perfect choice.  A wide range of the choice is available with the Hp which includes both the high ranges as well as the economy range for the study purpose, personal use, etc. Moreover, the Hp laptops are beautifully designed plus they have a good built-in quality processor. If you wish to buy a Hp laptop online you can get some amazing deals in addition. The Hp service centre can be easily located across the country easily. 

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ASUS laptop

Asus is a multi-national company from Taiwan which are well known for lightweight, unrivaled mobility, and toughness. these laptops run smoothly. the series includes the zen book, chrome book, Vivo book, and everyday use. The laptops range from home use to business suits. All series work brilliantly in their sections and the service centers are also easily located all across the country. If you are looking for a sturdy laptop then go for this brand.

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samsung laptop

with powerful performance, high inbuilt quality, compact and unique designs Samsung has a series of laptops that one could not resist looking for. These laptops include the Galaxy book to notebook 9 pro which feature the best and most desirable graphics. Samsung too has a service centre located all over the country. The price range of the Samsung varies from low to high so it suits all classes as per their budget. The laptops are good for personal as well as business. You must look for the Samsung series once.

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The LG laptops are one of the thinnest and most light-weighted laptops. It has changed the laptop definition too. As they are easy to carry. The Xnote and Z series have come with a revolution in the computer world. Whereas the new gram has an ultra thin weight. The Laptops are good to use for the house as well as for professional use.


Acer laptop
Acer is well known for delivering the valuable products for the customers. Most of the Acer laptops are Low priced and can comes under budget. The Acer has a good market share in personal computers market. But it does not produce the gaming laptops and the speed is also compromised. The servicing of the Acer Laptops are good and customer supports are also valuable. If you are looking for a personal computer or a computer for home use then you can surely for for this brand.

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Mi Laptops

The Mi has emerged as one of the most famous brand in terms of electronics and computer accessories. The laptop by Mi are good in performance and speed. These are slim and looks good. The laptops also performs as per the standard.  

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