Top 6 shower curtains in India: buying and Review

Shower curtains For Bathroom

Shower is the thing one would like to have when tired. Either after office or a busy long day, and in the morning for freshness.  The shower curtains prevent the whole bathroom from being wet and become messy. It also enhances the looks of your bathroom with its various designs.

Though the shower curtains are not so common in India but you can find out some of the best curtains online that will fits your requirement of the need of the shower curtains. This article will help you to choose out the best shower among the limited choices.

 Read the buying guide for choosing the best curtains for your bathroom

Amazon basic water repellant shower curtains

The amazon basic curtains are one of the bestselling curtains in the online market. They are made up of good fabric and have good reviews from their existing users. The curtains are 100% polyester material.

The curtain has a nice print which makes it look so adorable. There are metal grommets on the top making it rust-free. The curtains have a weighted hook to ensure their best hanging at the right place.

Product Details:
Size: 72*72 inches
Fabric Polyster
Type: Pattern
Hanging: Hooks
Warranty: 1 year

Factor code 3D PVC Waterproof curtain

The Factorcore 3D PVC curtain is one of the good decorative choices for your bathroom. It is made of a heavy PVC sheet. The design in the curtain makes it more elegant. It is a perfect choice for your bathroom.

The curtain is easy to maintain. It can also be used in an open space for stores and entrance. The curtains are easy to hang as it has 8 attached hooks for hanging on the rod.

Product Details:
Size : 54*84 inches
Fabric : PVC
Color: Transparent
Hanging: Hooks

Kuber industries PVC Shower Curtains

The kuber industries’ curtains are made up of a high-quality PVC sheet. It is a superior quality as per customer reviews. The curtains can also be used in stores and open space to keep the flies and dust away. It can also prevent the cooling of the room to go out so can also be used in an ac room. The curtains are washable in nature. Hooks are included with the curtains.

Product Details:
Size: 54*84 inches
Fabric: PVC

color: Transparent
Hanging: Grommet

HOMECROWN Bamboo Leaf Design Waterproof Shower Curtain for Bathroom

This waterproof curtain has attractive look and ensure the privacy. The attractive shower curtains for bathrooms is 7 feet in height and is made from good material for better usage and has a long life span.

It is ideal for every bathroom are like home , hotels , vanities for pleasant feel , great choice for bathtub , showers. The curtains are very easy to clean, just wipe with damp cloth. But Do not bleach the curtain. It can also be washed in general cycle.

The shower curtain comes with set of 8 plastic curtain rings but you have to buy the curtain rod separately.

Product Details:
Material: PVC
Size : 4.5 x 7 feet
Pattern: Bamboo print design
Color: Green
Top Finish: Grommet

Yellow Weavestm PVC Waterproof Checkered Shower Curtain 

 These are pebbles design Shower Curtain which gives a perfect & stylish look to your Bathroom and also makes your mood fresh and cool while taking shower or Brushing your Teeth. The shower curtain is made with Waterproof PVC fabric. The curtains are easy to clean and wash at a normal cycle. It adds a decorative feature to your bathroom. Moreover, you can also use the curtains as outdoor.

Product Details:
Material: PVC
Size : 4.5 x 7 feet
Pattern: Checkered
Color: White
Top Finish: Rod

Ketsaal Bamboo Design Waterproof PVC Shower Curtain 

The ketsaal Bamboo design is a Water-repellent shower curtain for use as a stand-alone curtain or with a liner. It dries quickly and require a very low maintenance. The shower curtains are machine washable. It is made with high quality PVC material which gives a longer life span.  It has a weighted hem that helps to keep it in place. The Solid white gives a privacy in the bathroom.

Product Details:
Material: PVC
Size : 4.5 x 7 feet
Pattern: Bamboo Design
Color: Brown
Top Finish: Rod

Buying Guide For Shower Curtains

There are some factors that will always help you out to get the best shower curtain. If you take into consideration all these factors we are sure you find the best out of the rest.


Unlike the normal curtain the shower curtains must be made up of a waterproof material else it will create a mess in the bathroom. The PVC( poly vinyl chloride ) is the best material for shower curtains. It has a high durability.


The curtain should have a good printed design as it will reduce the transparency and hence privacy. The curtain color must match the color and design of the bathroom to give a enhanced look to the bathroom. moreover, if you are looing to buy a bath tub the shower curtain will add on a charm to the bathroom.


The size should be appropriate as a unfit size can spoil the look of the bathroom. For exact size take the accurate measurement of the rod as well as the height and the width. The exact fit curtain will enhance the look of the bathroom.

Return policy:

Always make sure if you are buying a curtain online for checking the return policy. As the unfit and low quality can be exchanged as per the promise of the manufacturer

Some Do’s and Don’ts for shower curtains

Here are some guidelines that should be taken into consideration while using the shower curtain

  • Do not use the floor touch curtains in the bathroom. Always takes 2-3 inches up from the floor.
  • Make sure that the material is water proof.
  • Do not tight rinse the shower curtain
  • Avoid using the harsh detergent while washing the curtain.
  • Do not Bleach the curtains.


All shower curtains are best choices as per our research and analysis. But, we highly recommend the Amazon basic water repellant shower curtains as the best one as it is the best selling product among all and has been rated very good as per the review of the happy customers.

Some FAQ’S For Shower Curtains

Which is the best material for the shower curtains?

PVC or you can choose thick cotton

How much should be the length of the shower curtains?

It must be 2-3 inches above the floor.

What type of curtain is best suited ?

Rod Type.

How frequently should it be washed?

Once in month is highly recommended. moreover it based on the usage.

For any queries comment in the box below we would like to help you.

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