Best Curtains For A Home In India: Buying Guide And Review

Best Curtains For A Home In India: Buying Guide And Review

Curtains for home

Curtains are one of the most important parts of any house. Though its main work is to prevent the entering of sunlight from outside it also gives us privacy. There are a variety of curtains available in the market and choice among them depends on a lot of factors. The main factors among them are color, fabric, style, length, patterns.

Curtains must be chosen as per the interior od the house nad office. An elegant pair of curtains with a good interior give a compliment to your house.

The most important factor you should consider is the length of the curtain and fabric.

Read the buying guide to get details of how to choose the best curtains for your house as well office.

Here we have short-listed some of the curtains to help you choose the perfect one for your home and office

Home Sizzler Eyelet Polyester Door Curtains

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Home sizzler is made up of 100% polyester and are resistant to shrinkage and wrinkles. Thus, they are easy to maintain. It gives a elegant look to your room.

The curtains are available for doors as well as windows. Therefore you can buy a complete set for your room. They are semi-transparent in nature.

Product Details
SIZE:     Door 7 ft. (46*84 inches),
                 Window 5 ft. (46*60 inches),
                 Door 9 ft. (46*108 inches)
Fabric:                   Polyester
No. of curtains:    2
Weight:                 450 GM
Wash Care:           Machine/ hand wash
Color:                   Brown

Homefab Jute Door Curtain

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Homefab curtains add elegance to the interior of your room. These are made up of 100% polyester fabric. It has pre-fitted 8 steel finish eyelets so ready to use on delivery.

They are available for both door and windows. The fabric won’t shrink even after washing.

Product Details
Size:       Door 7 ft. (84*48 inches)
Fabric:                  Jute
No. of curtains:      2
Weight:                  1.36 kg
Wash care:             Machine wash
Color:                     Cream
Pattern:                  Modern

Story @Home

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Story@home is well known for its unique style with simplicity. It hangs nicely with enough space for the curls to cover up the door and window.

This curtain will add a class look to your home décor. They will not shrink at all. These are made of faux silk which looks great using as a curtain.

Product details

Size:       Door 9 ft. (108*46 inches)
              Window 5 ft: (60*46 inches)
Fabric:                Faux Silk
No. of curtains:    2 and 4
Weight:                290gm
Wash care:           Machine wash
Color:                  Purple
Pattern:                Blackout

Things we like

Noise reduction

Energy saving

Innovative design


Linenwalas cotton curtains

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This curtain helps in maintaining the temperature of the room as it will not allow the outside heat to enter the room. It also reduces noise from outside by its triple weave technology. A variety of colors is also available.

The premium Linenwalas are popular for their looks. They block only 65-80% of light thus creating a positive vibrancy in the room. These bestseller curtains catch less dust and have a back loop to easily hang on.

The pattern has been emerge after dying and block printing. These are subject to little shrinkage so an additional 1-3’’ have been added to the size (nearly 4%shrink).

Product Details
Size      Door 9 ft. (54*108 inches)
              Window 5 ft. (54*60 inches)
              Door 8 ft. (54*96 inches)
Fabric                     Cotton
No. of curtains       2
Weight                   300gm
Wash care              Machine/ Hand wash
Color                      Blue Paisley
Hang out               Back loop

LaVichitra Polyester Door Curtain With Floral Net

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The Homefab India presents you with a gorgeous-looking designer curtain for doors and windows. They are made of premium quality polyester material. You can have this curtain to give an atheistic look to your house.

The eight metal eyelets/grommet are there to hang. The polyester and net combination gives it a classy look.

Product details
 Size:     Door 7 ft. (84*48 inches)
              Window 5 ft. (60*48 inches)
              Door 8 ft. (96*48 inches)
              Door 9 ft. (108*48 inches)
              Window 6 ft. (72*48 inches)
Fabric:                         Polyester and Net
No. of curtains:          2
Weight:                     900 gm
Wash Care:                Machine/ Hand wash
Color:                        Yellow
Hang out:                   Eyelets


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The crystal strings are available in a variety of colors. Choose the color that best suits your interior.

Pindia presents you a fancy glass drop curtain with sparling beads. These strings can play an important role in enhancing the beauty of your room, living room as well background.

There are 10 strings with of 40 mm crystal beads with a drop size of 30mm and 10 nylon straps. The string comes with a nylon strap fastener for giving shape. There is a tiny stopper below each bead to lock it so that the curtains never lose its shape. For good shape tie it from 1 to 5 and then from 6 to 10 as mentioned in the 10 string.

Product Details
Size                                          36*36 inches
Fabric                                      100%original crystal drops
No. of strings                         10                             
Weight                                    629.99 Gm
Color                                       multicolor
Hang out                                strap fastener

Buying Guide for curtains for home

There are certain factors on which the purchase of curtain depends. These are size, fabric, style, pattern etc.


It is one of the most important and key factors before choosing a curtain. The right size curtain fulfills all its basic purpose of covering the door and window properly. For correct measurement of size measure the frame of the window and door and do its doubling so that you get a good amount of pleats.


a) Polyester Curtains:  These are some of the most popular curtains. They need less maintenance and are least subjected to wrinkles, shrink, and stretching. These are good for the living room and bedroom but not suitable for the kitchen as these are flammable and allow less air to flow in and out.

b) Cotton Curtains:  These fulfill traditional as well as modern needs of the house. The curtains are easy to maintain. If you want some light in your room then you can go for a sheer cotton curtain and if you want to block sunlight then opt for the tightly weaved cotton curtains.

c) Linen curtain: These have a classy look to your house. They tend to go for dry cleaning and need to hang on immediately as these are wrinkle-prone. The linen fabric does not block sunlight. It is suitable for the airy rooms.

d) Silk curtains: Silk curtain gives you luxurious feel in the house though time-consuming to maintain. It is dry clean only. Sunlight can also harm these types of curtains So while choosing it as an option make sure that your room doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight. They are also heavy.

e) Velvet curtains: These are also heavy curtains but they give us complete privacy as these are opaque. The curtains keep the cool wind outside due to their fabric property. It needs dry clean only.

f) Lace curtains: The lace curtains are light and sheer in nature. They do not block the sunlight but gives you the freshness of airy and natural light in the home. It is generally available in light colors. They can be machine washable as well as dry clean.

g) Blackout curtains: As the name suggests they provide to a large extent blockage of the sunlight. They are ideal for kids’ rooms or for the bedroom where you generally take the afternoon nap. These curtains are usually made from thick fabric.

Hanging style

There are basically two types of hanging style

a) Curtain tracks: these are a track where the curtains move on very smoothly without showing any hanging. The curtains can also give a new look with the use of a valance.

b) Rod pocket: these are the simple rod on which the curtains can be hanged easily. The rod pocket tracks usually go with curtains having back loops, eyelets, and loops.

Attaching Styles

a) Curtain Rings:  The curtains are attached to the rings with the help of small hooks and then inserted in the pole or rod. It allows the easy and smooth movement of the curtain through the rod. It is also helpful in the easy replacement of curtains.

b) Eyelets: The eyelets are small holes made from plastic and metal. It is generally used with rod curtains. The rod slopes through the eyelets and made the curtain hang on. The eyelets are also called a grommet.      

c) Tab Top:  The curtain fabric is used to make the tab top through which the rod is inserted to hang the curtain.

d) Back loop: The curtain has the button at the back button to hang on easily on the rod. They are very common in use due to their easy hanging and replacing property.


Three types of curtains are available on the basis of opacity:

a) Sheer: These are light and allow the daylight to enter the room along with fresh air. These are suitable for the dining area or where fewer sun rays enter. These are generally made of lace and cotton

b) Semi -transparent: These allow a little light and give some privacy. They include polyester curtains. These are translucent in nature.

c) Blackout curtains: These are made with thick material that allows very little sunlight to enter. The main purpose of the curtain is to give full privacy. It is often used in bedroom, theatre, etc. These are made with fabric like velvet, cotton, thermal, etc. They can also be used in combination with sheer curtains for decorative purposes.

Curtain length

The curtain length also adds a style to your decoration. There are four types of curtain length.

a) Sill: It is the exact length of the window. The curtain is o equal size of the window. Generally used for a small window and the window which remains open mostly.

b) Apron: The rod for these curtains usually hangs above the window and the length of the curtain is few inches below the window. This makes your window looks big. Basically used in bathroom, kitchen.

c) Floor: The floor-length curtain touches the floor from the ceiling. Mostly, These are used for the windows which are rarely used to create the illusion of a long window. Mostly used for the long window as well for the sliding door.

d) Puddle: They roll on the floor just like the wedding dress. The Few inches that lay on the floor making them look like a puddle

Curtain patterns

There are two types of curtain on the basis of pattern:

a) Solid curtains: These are purely in one color and suit all types of windows and doors. They are mostly blackout curtains.

b) Patterns: These have beautiful designs and have different patterns. The various patterns are stripes, panel, and checks, floral. Etc. these curtains look awesome and are trending nowadays.

Apart from this there are some curtains which display 3d patterns and are good for producing scenery affect to your room.

Curtains care

The curtains need special care. Here are some points that should be taken care of while washing. Always read the wash care instruction before washing them. The silk and velvet curtains should always be preferred for dry cleaning. Whereas others can be washed machine washed as well as hand washing. Always make sure that the detergents are not too harsh on the curtains as it might damage the quality as well as fabric.


At the end we like to conclude that always take the expert advice or do a research on internet before buying curtains as a wrong decision can be a mediocre and every ting would be waste. Hope this guide will help you in the buying decision of the curtains.   

As per our research we would like to recommend the Home Sizzler Curtains due to its quality and availability of designs.

For further assistance please comment in the box.

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