Top Selling Bean Bag Refill In India(May 2021)

Top Selling Bean Bag refill In India (2021)

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Do you like to sit comfortably on a bean bag and enjoy the movie, or read a book ? Yes, sure this is one of the most relaxing and happening thing in one’s life. But do you know there is much beyond to know about the bean bag other than cover?

Yes, you are correct its the bean filler or bean bag refill which need to be changes from time to time to give you extra comfort. The timely change of the refill also increase the life of the bean bag.

In this article we will discuss about the types of refill, how to select the best one and best refills for bean bag.

S. No. Product Name Rating Buy Now
1. Casa Copenhagen Premium 2 Kg Bean Bag Refill/Filler    3.5/5  Buy On Amazon
2. Soft Bean Bag Filler 4/5   Buy On Amazon
3. SPEROVA Filling Beans  4/5  Buy On Amazon
4. Sofie and Sam Refiller  3/5  Buy On Amazon 
5. Amazon Brand – Umi. Premium Bean Bag Refill/Filler  4/5  Buy On Amazon 
6. Generic Bean Bag Refill/Filler   3/5  Buy On Amazon
7. SATTVA High Density Beans Refill  3.5/5 Buy On Amazon 

Types of Bean bag refill

There are more than one types of the refill available for the bean bag. Some of them are as follows:-

Natural fillers:

The natural fillers are the Eco friendly one one which can be decomposed easily without harming the earth or the environment. These include raw rice, peanuts, non puffed popcorn, or other material that you might think can be used as a filler.

Though these material are cheap and be easily degraded  but they can make the bag heavy and can also attract the pest too. They are also subjected to the moisture and can ruin the bag.

EPS(Expanded Poly Styrene):

The are one of the most commonly used bean bag refill as it does not loose shape easily and can be used for longer period as compared to the other types of beans. The EPS are hard shelled beans just like the Styrofoam.

The EPS are rounded and has a diameter of around 3mm to 5mm. They are resistant to heat and moisture. These beans are non biodegradable but can be recycled in many ways, if given at the recycling centre. Moreover, they can also be used in art and craft work at home.

The EPS are the most preferred beans as a re-filler as it can be used for a long period of time and is more comfortable.

EPP(Expanded polypropylene):

The EPP beans are mostly used in Asia as compared to other regions of the world. The EPP are more durable than EPS and regain its shape more quickly. It also allows low air loss so it has long life. But the main problem with the EPS is it is susceptible to fire and degrades when comes in contact of the oxygen.

The EPP beans are light weight , has low impact and are recyclable. 

What is Virgin and Recycled beans?

The next comes the virgin and recycled beans.

The virgin as the term is understood are the new beans. These are smooth, rounded and comfortable. They move quickly with the airy gap in between and helps in the comfortable sitting  of the user. These beans are durable and retains its shape for a longer time. Hence, it has  a longer life span.

The recycled beans are the formed while the shredding of the foam or the granulated parts of the chunks. These are irregular in shape and has  less air in between which results in the less comfort and less durability of the beans. They do not retain the shape quickly when compared the the former one.

How to Select Beans re-filler?

There are some points that one should keep in mind before buying the beans for the bean bag.

Size of the bag cover:

How much bean you require totally depends on the size of the bean bag cover. Broadly, speaking we need the following bean as  a re-filler for the bean bag cover:

Size of Bag Beans Required
Kids bag Around 800 gms
XL 3 to 4  kg
XXL 4 to 5  kg
XXXL 5 to 6 kg
Jumbo Size 6 to 7 kg

Moreover, if you do not want to replace the whole filling as it is not in the condition to discard, then you can add an additional 1 to 2 kg to the existing one. But be sure that the refill is comfortable and can be used again.

Type of the refill

Next comes the kind of the refill you want. In this sense we would like to recommend to buy the virgin refill and EPS or EPP can be bought as per your choice and requirement.


The price can also be considered before buying any item. The price must be double check and make sure it is affordable and worth spending.


The quantity directly depends on the size of the cover so always check the size of the cover before taking the buying decision.

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Best Beans For bean Bag

Casa Copenhagen Premium 2 Kg Bean Bag Refill/Filler

casacopehagen bens for bean bag


Buy On Amazon

The Casa Copenhagen beans are the white and soft that helps the to regain shape quickly. So, they are comfortable and long lasting. The beans comes in different package so you can buy according to he size of the bean bag. It is one of the most suitable bean refill as per it’s texture and quality.


Soft and snowy white beans

2kg bag pack ideal for xl size.

100% polystyrene material.

Virgin beans so long lasting.

Size as big as a pea size.

  • Different size available for xl, xxl, xxxl bag cover.
  • easy to transfer bag.
  • Superior quality.
  • long lasting
  • The actual weight is around 30% less than the net weight.

Soft Bean Bag Filler 1.5 kg

Buy On Amazon

The beans are soft and made up of the grade 1 premium quality material. The are virgin and can be used for  along time as it does not loose its shape quickly. These are white and rounded in shape which makes it more preferable.


Virgin beans with soft and round shape.

made up of premium material

Long lasting and high dense beans.

  • Highly dense beans can be used to fill a bean bag of about xl size.
  • Long lasting and rounded shaped
  • Beans tend to loose shape quickly

SPEROVA Filling Beans for Bean Bag Filling 


Buy On Amazon

The beans are of good quality with a size of rounded ball of 8mm. The balls are uniform and can be easily transferred to the bag. It is a virgin bean which is long lasting and does not change its shape so quickly.


Soft beans with rounded shape

Does not lose shape so quickly.

The packing is so smooth it ease in the filling.

  • Excellent quality bean.
  • Does not inflate early.
  • Gives comfort while sitting
  • The cost is perfect.
  • The quantity is less as described so order two bags for better results.

Sofie & Sam, 2 Kg Bean Bag Refill/Filler 


bean bag refill

Buy On Amazon

The Sophie as the name described is the soft and the rounded beans. It is  good quality bean that does not lost its shape for a long time. The product is packed in a large bag so that it can be easily transferred in to the bag.


Rounded beans with extra comfort.

Long lasting and good quality.

2kg pack means it is around 1.4 kg.

  • Rounded shape long lasting beans.
  • soft and white as moon.
  • Affordable bean refill
  • Always look for the bigger size bag as the quantity is less

Amazon Brand – Umi. Premium Bean Bag Refill/Filler


bena bag refill Buy On Amazon

The UMI comes in the various packing suitable for different size of bags. It is soft and It is one of the bets choice among the refill for the bean bag. The beans are  long lasting and can be used easily in without any hassle.


Soft and white as sun.

Long lasting and durable.

Comes in a variety of packs.

100% virgin beans.

  • Umi is the trusted amazon brand.
  • The beans are of superior quality.
  • Affordable and durable
  • The quantity as described is 1400 gms instead on the 2kg so buy accordingly.

Generic Bean Bag Refill/Filler 


Buy On Amazon

The generic beans are the 1kg bag but the actual weight found to be the 500gms so it is recommended to buy the two bags of such beans in order to fill a XXL size bean bag. The quality is superb and you can go for it surely.


The refill is of good quality

The material is polyurethane.

Highly durable and long lasting.

  • Good quality.
  • Beans are large and can be used easily.
  • Soft and comfortable
  • quantity is less as promised 

SATTVA High Density Beans Refill

bean bag filler

Buy On Amazon

The Sattava beans are of superior quality and can be used to fill the bean bag easily. They are long lasting and are mostly round in shape.


High dense a grade beans.

long-lasting and durable.

material : EPS

Thick ness 4 to 6mm

  • High dense beans with extra durability.
  • EPS for more comfort.
  • Available in different sizes
  • Look for exact quantity while ordering.

How to Refill the bean bag

how to fill beans

Follow the following steps to fill the beans properly in the bean bag.

Step 1.  Bring the bag to the corner of the room to minimize the spill.

Step2.  open the closure of the bean bag a little bit and ask the help of the other person to hold it. If nobody is there then hang it with a clip on the table edge.

Step3.  Now cut the corner of the bean filler bag and hold it from the bottom so that no ben spills out.

Step4.  Invert the filler into the bean bag opening. Initially the bean will come at a faster speed.

Step5.  once you see the beans filled till the zipper close it .

Step6.  keep the filler bag aside and shake the bean bag to know the scope fro more beans.

Step7. If needed repeat the process. If not close the lid and the bag is ready to use.

Some Do’s and don’ts

  1. While using the keep the zipper closed and sealed to avoid any spill of the beans.
  2. Keep the beans bag out of kids reach as the small beans can cause choking and suffocation.
  3. Do not keep sharp object on or near the bag.
  4. Keep it away from fire.
  5. Clean the bag with a soft damp cloth regularly.
  6. always keep the surface dry where you keep the bag.
  7. After filling the bag sealed the filler properly.
  8. Dispose off the damaged or unpuffed beans properly to avoid any harm to the environment.


The bean filler always comes in the low weight as described by the seller so while purchasing the bean bag look for the weight you want and check the reviews and description in details.

Hope this article will help you to find the best refill for the bean bag. For more queries comment in the box provided.

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