Types of water heater/ geyser In Market

Types of water heater/ geyser In Market

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Water heater / geyser is one of the  most common home appliance. It can be easily found in every household. The main principal working of the water heater depends on the element which is being heated with a fuel such as electricity, LPG or solar power. 

On the basis of the fuels type there are three type of water heater:

Electric water heater

As the name describes these water heaters are based on the electric power for their working. The electric coil in the water heater gets heated with the help of the electric power and the water gets heated easily. These water heaters are traditional one and results in the high electricity bills if not used properly. Moreover, they are least useful for the place where the power cut is more often. One thing a user must always remember to switch it off and on while usage.


The main benefits of the electric water heater are they require a minimum maintenance and  can be easily set up in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.


The main drawback is that it does not work during the power cut off so not suitable for the places the power is a problem.

Gas water heater

The gas water heater works with the LPG or natural gas. These gases are easily available now a days. The geyser once set up gives us the hot water as soon as the tap gets on. It can be mostly found in the hilly region as they have the electricity problems. These are more efficient  than the electric geyser as they prevent the standing loss of the energy during the heating of the water.


These water heaters saves time and energy of heating water as you get an instant hot water for usage. 


The leakage of the gas during usage can result in mishapenning, so it is advised to be careful while using it at home especially if you have kids around.

Solar water heater

The solar water heater works on the solar energy. They are the one of the  best ecofriendly option of heating water. These water heaters are cost much more than the other source in purchase as well as set up but if you go for the long run these will be one of the cheapest source of water heating. The solar power is a free of cost fuel which will be the main source of generating the hot water.


The main benefits of the solar water heater are they cost very less of you go for the long run as well as these saves fuel and power which are non renewable source of energy.


The main disadvantage of the solar water heater is that its working depends on the weather condition and they are not capable of storing hot water which can be used later on.

On the basis of water storage there are two types of water heater

Tanked water heater

The tanked water heater or the storage one have the tank in it which stores the water once heated to the particular temperature. They also have a cut off feature which makes the geyser auto shut while a certain temperature of the water is reached. These mostly works on electric power. 

The tanked water heater are large in size and consumes more energy as compared to the tank less one.

Tank less water heater

The tank less water heaters does have the space to store hot water these works on the instant water heating principal. The gas geyser, instant water heater as well as solar water heater comes in this category. These are more efficient and requires less power  to heat up water.


The geyser you choose may be of any type but be sure you choose the right size geyser as well as the energy efficient. Make sure that you use it properly and always read the manual before setting and installing the geyser.

Some selected geyser for you

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