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Usha Geysers

The Usha is among the oldest Indian company to manufacture the home appliances. Usha also deals with the light kitchen appliances too. Its home appliances includes: geyser, fan, cooler, exhaust fan, heater, etc.

The Usha deals with instant as well as storage geyser. Quality products and user friendly are the main identity of the Usha. Moreover the geysers are affordable and can be purchased online as a variety of options are easily available. Apart from all this they have a friendly customer services provider which will help you out in the after sales services.

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Key features of Usha Geysers


The Usha geysers are elegant in look as well as design. It is compact so that you can easily fit it in the bathroom as well as kitchen. The modular geysers are a perfect fit for modular kitchen. Moreover the inlet and outlet pipes are different colored and it also has the LED indicator.

Safety features

These geysers has passed all the safety standards and are fit to use as they are equipped with the thermostat the cuts out the power supply once the water reached a certain temperature. It can also be used for a high rise building as they can easily stand by the pressure up to 8 bars.

lastly the brass fusible makes its performance outstanding as the pressure can be controlled with it. Moreover, it is also a weather resistant and  leak proof. It also has a protect against high temperature, pressure and dry heating.

Energy efficient

The 5 star rating by BEE makes it one of the most energy efficient geysers in the market. It has been one of the reason behind  its success in the market.   


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