Which Is The Best Gas Stove? Glasstop/Stainless steel

Which Is The Best Gas Stove? Glasstop/Stainless steel

best gas stove

Glass top gas stove vs. stainless steel gas stove

Thinking to buy a gas stove?  Read this article to get the best deals and all information about the gas stove. A gas stove is basically used for cooking food. In ancient times people used to cook food in ‘chulas’ or stoves using wood. But now day we use a gas stove as well as an induction to cook the food.

 There are basically two types of stoves available. These are the glass gas stove and the stainless steel gas stove. Both of them have their own pros and cons. Here are the main features of both the gas stoves which will distinguish both of them. The Buying Guide,Do’s and Don’t s, FAQ’S at the end will help you to know the criteria of selecting the perfect gas stove.

Features Glass top gas stove Stainless steel gas stove
Ignition Auto ignition as well as manual available Manual
Heat distribution Even heat distribution Uneven heat distribution
Cleaning Need high maintenance Normal cleaning
Use of gas tandoor Cannot use Can be easily used
Looks Sleek look for modular kitchen Not so good looking
Safety More safe as burners are properly packed Burners are not properly packed
No. of burners 2,3and 4 2,3 and 4

Note:  Always check the gas knob while going out of the house as precaution is better than cure. 

              Gas Stove


    Star Rating
Steel body with glass top three burner gas stove
Shatter proof and spill proof glass gas stove
Four burner with sufficient spacing glass top
Elegant and compact design mannual ignited gas stove
Glass thermal cook top with high thermal effeciency

Hope now you all have got the features of a both gas stove.


Induction cooktop vs. Gas cook top

The induction cooktop and gas cooktop both are used for cooking food but there is a great difference between the which will tell you which one is better.

The induction works on the electricity whereas the gas cooktop require an LPG cylinder or gas pipeline to be connected for cooking

The temperature of the induction can be regulated with the help of the buttons whereas the temperature of the flame can be easily regulated with the help of a knob

Frying food is a little bit difficult in induction as compared to the gas cooktop.

If you are fond of cooking and experimenting with new things then the gas stove is best for you as you need to regulate the temperature of the flame which is far easy in a gas stove as compared to the induction one.

Gas stove cooking is considered much cheaper than induction one which results in a high electricity bill.

Best Gas stove for Indian Kitchen

Elica 3 burner gas stove

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The Elica is an Italian company that is well known for bringing the revolution in the kitchen.

This is one of the most popular gas stoves and is the number one choice as per the reviews of consumers. It gives you all the features at a low cost.

The stainless steel body with a glass top makes it tough, and elegant and gives it a long life.

Three burners of different sizes give you a variety of utensils to use for cooking. It is manually operated and is highly efficient.

Things we like:

  • Brass burner
  • Steel body with glass top
  • 2 years warranty
  • Easy maintenance
  • High-quality knob
  • ISI marked

Prestige 3 burner gas stove

prestige gas stove

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The Prestige gas stove with 3 burners is ideal for a medium-sized family. The glass-top gas tables are ergonomically designed for easy operations.

The knobs are smooth to use and designed to give complement the gas table.

The burners can hold two big/ medium and a small vessel at a time.

It gives you high safety from leakage. It gives an atheistic look to the contemporary as well as the modern kitchen.

Things you will like

  • 3 high-quality brass burner
  • 2 years warranty
  • Ergonomic knob design
  • Toughened shatter proof glass
  • Spill proof


You cannot use all three medium vessels together.

Lifelong 4 Burner Gas Stove

life long gas stove

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The lifelong gives you a four-burner with a glass top at the cheapest price. The stove is configured both for LPG as well as the gas pipe. (please call the pipeline gas technician before the setup).

The compact design lets you have enough space on the counter. The glass top gives you a sturdy look and adds charm to the kitchen. It is ideal for a large/joint family.

It has been strongly trusted by loyal customers for the last five years. The cooktop is specially designed for your culinary convenience.

It has got sufficient spacing between the burners for ease of cooking.

Things you will like

  • Brass burners (4)
  • Sufficient spacing
  • 6mm toughened glass
  • Easy maintenance
  • 1-year warranty
  • Nylon knobs
  • Anti-skid feet
  • ISI certified
  • Doorstep service

Sunflame 3 Burner Gas Stove

sunflame gas stove

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The Sunflame LPG as stove has multiple burners with high-quality manufacturing and finish. The cooktop is equipped with ergonomics and safe handling knobs.

The cooktop is designed especially to reduce the cooking time with toughened glass top and metal base with a black powder-coated finish.

The brass burner ensures a uniform distribution of heat, as well as the heavy-duty pan support, is designed to accommodate all the major sizes of the burner.

Things you will like:

  • Brass burner (1 big and 2 small)
  • Knob Design
  • Heavy-duty pan support
  • 2-year warranty
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Powder-coated metal base
  • Manual Ignition

Butterfly Smart Glass 2 burner Gas stove

butterfly gas stove

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Butterfly brings to you an elegant and sleek design gas stove having a shatterproof tough glass top. The burner has a spill-proof tray so need to worry about spilling during cooking.

It is one of the most trusted cooktops as it is highly safe and saves a lot of space on the counter due to its compact design.

Moreover, the has 360-degree revolving nozzles and easy to use design that makes it an ideal choice for the user. The cooktop is easy to maintain and clean.

Things you will like

  • High thermal efficiency
  • Spill-proof design
  • Designer knobs
  • Brass burners
  • 360-degree revolving nozzle
  • Compact and user friendly
  • 1-year warranty
  • Black finish glass top


Do not put hot vessels on the glass surface as it can damage the glass top of the gas stove.

Buying Guide For Gas Stove

There are a few important points that should be considered before buying any gas stove.

Which gas stove to buy( stainless steel or glass)?

According to our analysis and study, the glass top cooktop is good enough to buy as they have a good heat distribution as per its design and it adds charm to your kitchen. But if you do a lot of cooking using the gas tandoor then you must go for stainless steel.

If you have a modular kitchen fitted with all the good kitchen equipment then always go for a glass top as it will enhance the beauty of the kitchen with its sleek design and beauty.

What type of burner should we prefer?

Basically, burners are made up of two materials either Brass or Aluminum. The Brass burner is the best as they evenly distribute heat and do cooking faster. They are also corrosion-free and are high heat resistant so no chance of damage while using it in a gas stove. Moreover, they are more durable than aluminum burner.

How many burner gas stoves one should buy?

The maximum number of burners available in gas stoves is 4 which is suitable for a large family. Next comes the three burner set which is the most perfect choice for small as well as 5 to 6 members. The two-burner set/one-burner is for couples or bachelors who do less cooking.

According to our analysis, the three-burner gas top is best suited for all families.

Which is good auto-ignition or manual ignition?

If you want to invest more then go for auto-ignition else you can also choose the manual ignition.

The cost of the auto-ignition goes from 5000 to 10000. most of the modern days as stove areas such. The manual ignition is also good but it requires an external source of fire to light up the gas. It is mostly based on your budget and which type of gas you want to use.

Shall we look for a warranty period?

Of Course, you should always look for a gas stove that provides at least a year warranty because if there is any problem in the usage you can easily get it repaired or replaced. Mostly, the gas stove does not trouble but it can if you are among the unlucky ones.


Whenever you are supposed to buy a gas stove do the analysis following the underline steps

a) first of all decide how often you cook food to decide on the no. of burners.

b) Then consider the budget for the cooktop.

c) Look for the space in the kitchen for selecting the design of the cooktop.

d) Consider the gas consumption and efficiency of the cooktop.

e) Look for an ISI marked for safety and security reasons.

f) At last check on the material and its durability.


  • Always check the knob of the gas stove before leaving the kitchen as well house.
  • If there is any gas leakage in the house, open all the doors and windows, and do not switch on the light and fans until the smell vanishes.
  • Always switch off the cylinder knob when not in use.
  • Put the plastic objects away from the burner as heat can cause damage.
  • Make sure that the space near the gas stove is always clean to avoid any type of accident.
  • Do not let the kids play near the gas stove as it can cause accidents.
  • In case of leakage, immediately turn off the cylinder and open all doors and windows, then call customer service as early as possible.
  • While refilling the cylinder always check for the expiry of the cylinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a better glass top gas stove or stainless steel?

If you look for evenly heat distribution then the glass top gas stove is far better than stainless steel as their burners are covered properly and packed in such a way it distributes heat evenly. Moreover, they have a variety of options to choose from.

What kind of cookware should not be used in the gas stove?

The cookware made up of iron, ceramics, and glass that need to be heated at a high flame should be avoided using in the glass top gas stove. One should not use utensils that cover the full surface and not allow the air to pass on as it can shatter the glass.

What should you not do while using the glass-top stove?

You should not put hot or very cold vessels on the gas top as the sudden change in temperature can damage the glass top. Moreover, one should not use abrasive chemicals and metal scrub pads while cleaning the gas stove as they can scratch the glass surface. Always make sure that while you clean the stove its temperature is normal as the hot surface can leads to spots on the glass surface while cleaning.

How to clean the glass top gas stove?

Every day you can just wipe out the surface but do deep cleaning once in a week to protect against the breeding of germs. For cleaning just put some vinegar/ citrus juice like lemon and baking soda and spread it across the stove. Leave it for some time and then wipe it out with a soft cloth or sponge cleaner.

Note: to retain the brightness of the glass do not let the stain last for long clean it with a wipe asap.

For further queries write a comment in the space provided.

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