Which refrigerant is used in refrigerator?

Which refrigerant is used in refrigerator?

Do you also amaze at how the refrigerator cools? How does it keep your food fresh for a longer time?

It’s the refrigerant that makes such an amazing thing.

In this article, we are going to learn about the different types of gases used in refrigerators and how does these work.

So, let’s get started.

What is refrigerant?

A refrigerant is a fluid that is used in the refrigerator cycle to give a cooling effect inside the refrigerator. It changes from liquid to gas and back again in a phased manner in order to give the cooling. 

The refrigerant is heavily regulated due to its toxicity, flammability, and hazard to the environment.

How does the refrigerant works?

Let us see how the refrigerant works in refrigerator and AC units:

  1. The cycle starts with the liquid form of refrigerant. It Passes on to the expansion device where the sudden drop in the temperature forces it to change from the liquid state to the cool gaseous form.
  2. This cool gas enters the copper evaporator coil of the unit and takes up the heat over there.
  3. Next, the unit compressor pulls the gas and takes away the heat from the food article.
  4. This hot gas then passes to the condenser which releases the heat into the surrounding environment. And the gas cools down to the liquid state again.
  5. Then the second phase begins. And the process continues.

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Types of refrigerant gas

R-22-  This gas is commonly called hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) which was widely used in refrigerator ago but it has ill effects on the environment and play a major role in the depletion of the ozone layer. This gas has been phased out from modern refrigerators.

R-134 A -It is commonly known as hydrofluorocarbons or gas which do not contain chlorine. It does not have any role in ozone depletion but it contributes to increasing the greenhouse effect.

R 438A- The R 438A or Feron is a widely used refrigerant gas in the present scenario. It is a replacement of R 22 and most of the old and repaired refrigerator operates using this gas.

R 600A – Or isobutane is highly flammable and is used in modern refrigerators.  It is an eco-friendly gas as it does not harm the ozone layer as well as it neither supports the greenhouse effect. Along with it, the R 290 or propane is also used nowadays.

The refrigerant gases are always dangerous so it is advised to not play with them and let an expert handle the flaws or any problem in the fridge.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the average age of refrigerant gas?

The average age of refrigerant gas is between 12 to 16 years. 

How one can say that the gas in the refrigerator is less?

If you find the improper cooling of the food or the foal smell from the refrigerator then you must check for the gas in the fridge.

How dangerous is refrigerant gas?

The refrigerant gas is flammable as well as toxic. It must be handled properly as it can also harm the environment too if leaked. The problems like headache, nausea, breathlessness, etc. can be incurred if someone inhales the gas.


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