Whirlpool Appliances for Home And Kitchen

Whirlpool Appliances for Home And Kitchen

Whirlpool Refrigerator

whirlpool refrigerator

The refrigerator by whirlpool is one of the finest class of refrigerator. These include double door, single door, multiple door, bottom mount, four door, side by side. The neo fresh technology and zeo lite helps in keeping the fruits fresh for a longer time period.

The main features of  whirlpool refrigerator are:

Zeolite technology

The zeolite technology helps in keeping the fruits and veggies fresh for around 12 days and milk for 7 days. The smart processor keeps the temperature of the refrigerator minimum so that it keeps the food article fresh for many days.

Fast freezing 6th sense technology

The fast freezing technology of the whirlpool makes ice faster and easy. It makes ice 40% faster as compared to the other refrigerator. The double door refrigerator has the deep freezer which retains the cooling even if the door is opened for a longer time period. This cooling helps in making the ice faster and tasty.

Different chambers for storing

There are different chambers for storing different thing such as vegetables crisper for keep the veggies, fruit crisper for fruits and some has masala box for keeping the spices separately. Moreover, it also has good inner space for keeping the various articles.

Uniform cooling

The single door refrigerator has the laminar cooling through out the refrigerator where as the double door has the fresh air flow, and the side by side has the hybrid airflow that allows the cooling distributed evenly throughout the refrigerator.

Intelli sense inverter with energy conversion

most of the whirlpool refrigerator comes with inteli sense inverter technology that keeps it operated even during the power cut off. Moreover the most of the refrigerator are 3 star rated which helps in conversion of the energy and leads to less electricity bills.

Whirlpool Washing Machine

whirlpool washing machine

The washing machine by Whirlpool has a range from fully automatic front load to top load, semi automatic, as well as washer dryer combo.  The machines are equipped with new and advance technologies that cleans and washes clothes smoothly. These are equipped with 6th sense technology which senses the clothes and the type of stain and do washing accordingly.

Key features 

Beautifully deigned

The whirlpool washing machine are beautifully designed in look as well as quality. The lid of the machine has the hydraulic closing which does not let the sudden shattering of the lid. The soft closing of the lid prevents the sudden damage. Moreover the body is full water proof as well as shockproof.

Easy to use

The washing machine is easy to use and can be handled without so much effort. The preprogrammed features help in making the washing easy and trouble free.

6th sense technology

The 6th sense technology helps in cleaning the different types of stains and easy removal of the dirt from cloth. There are options such as oily, greasy, coffee, tea, curry, ink, etc. which can be easily removed using the features.

Built in heater

The front load washing machine has the built in heater which changes the temperature of the water as per the cloth requirement and treat the washing cycle accordingly. This temperature change process also helps in removing the stain easily.

Auto detergent dispenser

The front loader of the whirlpool comes with the auto detergent dispenser which takes out the proper amount of the detergent required as per the quantity of clothes and soiled type. It prevents the overuse of the detergent and prevents its misuse. 


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